Approaching foreign broadcasters with a new project is always challenging. DEVISED offers you a fast-track path to target commissioning editors with the best chances of success. Our strategy will vary depending on the development stage you are at. DEVISED will assist you refining your concept, analyzing and suggesting changes to selling materials: rewriting one-sheets and treatments, reediting teasers, reconsidering the format and every single aspect of your proposal. We will also work on the budget and finance plan. A high budget is an indication of high production value, but it has to match the quality of your previous works. A high budget also means more difficulties to finance the film, and commissioning editors will be wary to commit until you have secured a substantial percentage – leading to a vicious circle that we must avoid.

DEVISED will help you defining the best tactic to present your project, carefully choosing the most suitable event, and deciding whether individual pitches are enough or if we are ready to face a public pitch. David will be there to guide you and help you preparing a successful public pitch, and will organize countless meetings with commissioning editors to present the project.

Looking for coproduction partners and pre-sales is an expensive and time consuming part of our business. DEVISED offers you the possibility to reallocate a significant part of that time and efforts to generating new projects and managing the ones already in production.

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